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Bore Water Stains On Driveway

If you are like a lot of residential home owners on the Gold Coast, and many parts of Queensland and Northern NSW who are using a spear pump to access bore water to irrigate your lawn and garden. You may have encountered heavy staining on your homes brick and render, as well as your driveway and paths.

This staining comes from the very high iron oxide (or rust) content that is present in the bore water, and the staining occurs from the evaporation process which over time the iron oxidises, leaving a steady build up of a heavy red, and brownish stain. 

Bore Water Stain Removal

Removal of Bore Water Stains involves the correct product along with the right process which involves not only treating the surface properly, but also the careful use of a high pressure washer to lift and remove the treated stain from the effected surface.

For the very best results, both these processes need to be implemented correctly, even sometimes repeating the process until the stain is removed.

If you have brown streaky stains on certain parts of your driveway, and you are not using bore water, then it’s more than likely that it is coming from the soil itself.

The staining mostly occurs when heavy or consistent rain occurs which can wash layers of soil repeatedly depositing it on the surface. This results in the continual build up and dark discolouration of the cement. 

Aggregate driveways are especially prone to this, because of their textured surface which can hold onto the soil and contaminants more so than flat and smoother concrete. 

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