Body Corporate & Gated Complexes

  • Main Entrance & High Traffic Zones

  • Common BBQ Areas

  • Outdoor Pool and Spa Areas

  • Visitor Parking Bays

  • Residential Driveways

  • Outdoor Tennis Court Surfaces

Residents enjoy living in their community complex just not for the lifestyle, but also the access to ‘resort style’ ammenities that are available for them to enjoy.

As a responsible Property Manager, it’s in the vested interest of your home owners and residents to stay on top of regular maintenance. This ensures the property is well kept along with identifying and attending to dangerous slip hazards such as unsightly built in dirt, mildew and moss that can grow in damp and dark areas.

A regular maintenance service performed twice a year by our professional Gold Coast Pressure Washing Services will keep your complex highly desirable and appreciated by residents and visitors and investors.

If you would like to find out more on how our service can save you time and money, we welcome you to get in touch for your ‘no obligation’ on-site assessment today.