Got a Mouldy Driveway?

There are two main reasons why mould grows on concrete.

  1. Food
  2. Moisture

Although concrete is not a food source, it does provide a stable environment for mould to grow. Just like any living plant, mould requires a food source and this comes in the form of dust layers. Just like plants, it needs water (moisture) to flourish and grow. The temperature does not have to be warm, simply because mould will happily grow at any temperature in any geographical environment, from tropical to temperate and cold climates. Unless the concrete surface is kept extremely clean, even after being treated and cleaned, it will eventually return.

How Can I Stop and Slow Down Mould From Returning?

Slowing down and stopping the build up of mould starts with keeping the surface regularly cleaned. There are only two simple steps you need to do to slow down the return of mould on your outside concrete and hard surfaces. They cost very little and require the use of no chemicals and are time friendly.

For example, if you have had your driveway and paths professionally pressure washed, the best way to keep them clean and free from mould longer is to assist in keeping the surface dust and dirt free. The first step is the regular use of a leaf blower. By blowing down the surface and removing the dust layer and any other materials such as leaves, once or twice a week, you help eliminate the food source. Secondly, a quick and even hose down using a hard setting from your garden hose to finish off after using your leaf blower. That is all you need to do.

These two easy and time-friendly steps will play a huge part to help in maintaining a cleaner surface for longer. It will eliminate the habit of wasting water you perhaps did in the past with mindless hours of hosing like so many people unfortunately do.

Remember, the old saying – “Prevention is better than the Cure”, and it will give you back the time for more enjoyable activities, as well as saving your money.

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